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12 days ago by PureSkill.gg

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Level: Junior

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Sector: Data

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Hello! We are PureSkill.gg, and we are building an automated, AI-Powered CS:GO coach. Millions of people play CS:GO every day, and sometimes, they aren’t very good. This can lead to a great deal of frustration because winning is fun and losing is not. Right now, the best way to improve is for gamers to navigate thousands of guides, tutorials, wikis, and videos to increase knowledge and hope to fix their exact problem. We want to drastically change that experience by providing an automated assessment of their gameplay to pinpoint problems and how to fix them.

Players make many mistakes, and we can recognize these patterns using machine learning and statistics. We have found people in the gaming/data science community are really interested in using ML to help gamers get better, and that is what we want to enable you to do. At PureSkill.gg, we will provide a platform where users choose from analyses written by contributors like you to run on their data and get feedback on their gameplay. In exchange for putting an analysis on our site, we will pay you proportionally based on its usage. Users select a limited number of analyses to run on their gameplay, so this will be a competitive platform. If you are unfamiliar with CS:GO, we will pay for and provide an experienced player to help your understanding enough to complete an assessment. If you believe you can write an analysis that gamers will like, we will enable you to do so. We will provide a huge data set (delivered through AWS), robust data documentation, and python libraries/templates to help you build your analyses. We will also provide API instructions and an SDK at a later date.

This is NOT an employer-employee relationship nor is it a 1099 contractor relationship. We are looking for 3rd party contributors. Therefore, we do not have any explicit experience or language requirements, since you will own your code and models. However, we will require a certain level of quality out of the assessments we allow on our website. We will be the SOLE and FINAL deciders as to what assessments go on our platform. We will subject contributors to certain quality standards that we have not fully developed yet but will communicate clearly before we make our data public. Pure statistical assessments like “you did 20 grenade damage this match and that is lower than average for your rank” would be something we consider too basic to include on our website. We require that you go beyond basic statistics and provide real, actionable insights to gamers. You accept the risk of the time and money spent developing this without a guarantee of getting onto PureSkill.gg.

At the very least, working with these data will be way more fun than figuring out who survived the Titanic. And at best, you’re helping thousands of CS:GO players get better! We look forward to working with you.

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